Sugarhyme Refreshed

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Sugarhyme is the work of Karol Kolodzinski. His site has just been relaunched. He is from what I like to call the Polish-invasion. He works in that densely-layered Photoshop/3d visual super-digital realm that really either turns people on on shuts them down. I love and appreciate all things creative, whether I personally like it or not. I find this kind of work very interesting because I know how difficult it must be to create it. There is something to be said for pushing digital as far as it can go as well. It’s an interesting methodology to look at a blank canvas and use everything imaginable in your digital arsenal to create something visually spectacular. The great thing about Kolodzinski’s work is that it doesn’t stop with his visuals. His website itself is a testament to how he understands and art directs interactive. This comes across vis-a-vis the interactive creative that is in his portfolio also. Regardless of anyone’s opinion about this highly-digital style, it is very much in demand right now and client’s seem to hold a fascination for it. In the case of Kolodzinski, we are talking about clients like Coca-Cola, Oakely and Ikea. I consider this kind of work relatively new and it is always interesting to discover someone new working in this style.

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