Wojciech Pijecki

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Polish illustrator Wojciech Pijecki utilizes photos that he dismantles, illustrates over and totally re-imagines to generate some striking imagery that is lush with detail. He outlines the process on how he creates some of the imagery at his Behance portfolio.

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Peter Tarka

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Polish designer Peter Tarka has a flair for type as image and it’s a flair that takes typography off the page and into the dimensional realm.

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Joanna Krótka has filed her work under the domain ‘Purenonsens‘ which is an act of humility to be sure.

“An illustrator based in Poland, born in mid-80’s with imagination driven by psychedelic and morbid pictures as well as prog/space/psychedelic rock music. Bur most of all – huge geek with love for all things geeky.”

As humble as she’d like to be there is some definite illustration talent represented in her portfolio.

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Piotr Tarka

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There is some crazy colorful dimensional typography happening in the portfolio of Polish designer/typographer Piotr Tarka. From the looks of his book his work is attracting some big clients as well. He’s not shy about his use of color and love of pop.

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Studio KXX: Updates

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Polish illustration and design house Studio KXX has updated with a few long scrolls to their Behance portfolio that features some nice design work that is a little break from their typical illustration work, although you couldn’t really call their amazing illustrations ‘typical’.

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Karol Gadzala

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Polish graphic designer and typographer Karol Gadzala has some slick yet simple work in his Behance portfolio including some likeable apparel work for Nike.

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Raphael Vicenzi

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Wow, I am really digging some of the recent work of Polish illustrator Raphael Vicenzi A.K.A. My Dead Pony. You can check out his work at his website (which I have featured before) but you can also see some more recent uploads in his Behance portfolio.

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Ah & Oh

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Polish design studio Ah & Oh has put together a nice little spec concept for mens cologne featuring some notable historic writers in the shape of an inkwell for a quill. It’s a slick looking set of packaging and it would be interesting to see one on an actual shelf in a retail environment.

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Michal Bialogrzywy

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Polish graphic designer/illustrator Michal Bialogrzywy has a totally insane set of posters up in his Behance-folio that is guaranteed to inspire those leaning toward the vector scale. It would be nice to see these printed and available to purchase as they would make a striking series to hang on a wall.

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I Am Gabz: Updates

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There are a few nice and new updates in the portfolio of Polish illustrator Grzegorz Domaradzki. It’s neen a while since I have posted a skull illustration but I really like this one.

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There is some fun design and typography happening in the Behance-folio of Polish designer Wallstreet. Strange name, interesting work.

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Polish designer and now illustrator Grzegorz Domaradzki has established his illustration site here and there is some great stuff already happening.

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Marcin Kuligowski

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Some nice gritty illustration work from Marcin Kuligowski.

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Wow, some really crazy digital work from Przemyslaw Kucinski. Wild wild imagery.

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Rebeliarts was formed in 2005 to showcase the works of Wojciech Zalot, Lukasz Wrona and Krzysztof Labno. It has since turned into a small multi-discipline  design studio.

Now say those names 3 times really fast.

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I thought I had written about Gaap Studio before but I guess not. There are some really stunning fashion-based images in the portfolio of this Polish photographer. Good stuff.

Thank you for the link Kim. I appreciate it.

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Sugarhyme Refreshed

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Sugarhyme is the work of Karol Kolodzinski. His site has just been relaunched. He is from what I like to call the Polish-invasion. He works in that densely-layered Photoshop/3d visual super-digital realm that really either turns people on on shuts them down. I love and appreciate all things creative, whether I personally like it or not. I find this kind of work very interesting because I know how difficult it must be to create it. There is something to be said for pushing digital as far as it can go as well. It’s an interesting methodology to look at a blank canvas and use everything imaginable in your digital arsenal to create something visually spectacular. The great thing about Kolodzinski’s work is that it doesn’t stop with his visuals. His website itself is a testament to how he understands and art directs interactive. This comes across vis-a-vis the interactive creative that is in his portfolio also. Regardless of anyone’s opinion about this highly-digital style, it is very much in demand right now and client’s seem to hold a fascination for it. In the case of Kolodzinski, we are talking about clients like Coca-Cola, Oakely and Ikea. I consider this kind of work relatively new and it is always interesting to discover someone new working in this style.

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Studio KXX

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Studio KXX is a small 2 person studio based in Poznan, Poland. The studio was established in early 2006 and has grown in work to serve numerous clients across several mediums. They have a strong artistic background as you will see in their illustration portfolio where there lies some really stunning imagery. Their core competencies are in design, illustration, identity, web design and managing small ad campaigns.

It’s nice to see their contemporary art and sketches displayed along side their work. It speaks volumes about their abilities as creatives. Their sketches are simply amazing.

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