Leif Podhajsky: Updates Again

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I just can’t get enough of Leif Podhajsky and I don’t think I am the only one. It doesn’t make it easier that he is continually producing work from Tame Impala who has been one of my favorite bands in the past couple of years. They are lucky to have employed his skills while they could still afford them. He’s updated yet again with more work for the band that is again simple yet inspiring. I’d love a print of the above image.

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“There is a myth, some say a science, suggesting people who have more symmetrical faces are considered more “attractive…”

Photographer Julian Wolkenstein has assembled a fascinating study to challenge or perhaps even reinforce that myth (so far it looks more like a challenge). The project utilizes self-shot iPhone pics as well as images snapped by Wolkenstein himself to take a broad look at what exactly everyone looks like when they are perfectly symmetrical.

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