2010 – The Year in Pictures

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Boston.com posted The Year in Pictures for 2010 and there are some downright stunning images to behold from what was without a doubt an extremely tumultuous year on this delicate planet. The oil spill in particular was horrendous and is still totally unforgivable.

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World Water Day Photos

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March 22nd, is recognized by the United Nations Water Group as “World Water Day”, this year’s theme being “Clean Water for a Healthy World”.

The National Geographic Society feels so strongly about the issues around fresh water that they are distributing an interactive version of their April, 2010 magazine for download – free until April 2nd – and will be exhibiting images from the series at the Annenberg Space for photography.”

You can view 15 of the 43 images at Boston.com’s big picture. It’s an amazing and moving set of images that you won’t soon forget.

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