Ventilate Japan

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Michael at Ventilate is a very nice person and I had the opportunity to exchange several emails with him in the past few weeks about a project I hoped to initiate but just didn’t have time to pull together. Fortunately, Michael grab the reigns and put together the ‘Ventilate Japan‘ project to help pool some money to put toward the relief effort in Japan. A lot of news has happened since the earthquake in Japan but there are so many still suffering and they really do still need global support in any way we can get it to them.

Ventilate managed to pull together some very talented artists who really put some passion into designing some great posters for the cause.

Thank you so much Michael and Ventilate.

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Ventilate Poster Series 5

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Ventilate has released their 5th free downloadable poster series entitled ‘Dystopia’. There are some nice entries this go round including the spacesuit astronaut pilot artwork of Derek Stenning. Each poster is available at 300 dpi so you can print them out and hang them in your domicile or studio. Thank you Ventilate.

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Ventilate 2000 Posters

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Ventilate asked several artists to participate in their recent poster series with the theme ‘2000’. The idea being, ‘what inspired you a decade ago’. I still find it hard to believe that 10 years have passed since the start of the new millenium. The posters are available to download at 300 dpi via YouSendIt. Once again, Joshua Smith (Hydro74) put in a strong showing with a stark graphic vector poster of Darth Vader. That man just knows what he does and does it well.

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Ventilate Free Poster Series

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Ventilate (one of the best motion graphics/design-related blogs out there) has pooled together a talented roster of designers to produce a series of free posters that you can download via YouSendIt in high-resolution. They are really large too and might make a nice addition to your wall at home. You can’t go wrong with free and well-designed art.

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