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I don’t make many Christmas recommendations because I am one of those rare old conspiracy-theory hippies who thinks ‘Christmas was like invented by corporate America to perpetuate wasteful consumerism man’. Bah humbug, but anyway let me just hypocritically make one recommendation for that techy design geek you might love (of if you want to send me one, I’ll take it) and that recommendation would be the Swap Rebel watch. It’s a really remarkable piece of technology more than it is a watch. It has a built in digital camera that takes both stills and video, touch color screen, a 2GB Micro SD Card (expandable upto 8GB), a USB 2.0 / Data Cable & Bluetooth file transfer at the end of the belt clasp which plugs directly into your computer, a built in operating system that can work hands free, an eBook reader, FM radio, calendar, World Clock stores up to 500 contacts and probably has a few other features I have forgotten. Basically it’s a computer that you wear around your wrist as a watch and I mean a ‘real’ computer. It’s only $300 bucks too which actually makes it pretty affordable but puts it squarely out of my ‘just started a business and am having a child in 2 months’ budget.

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