Merry Xmas Licorice Stick-Style

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Licorice Stick from Comedy Centrals Chocolate News – watch more funny videos

We just wanted to say thank you for visiting our blog and continuing to support us. This next year will no doubt be one for us to remember. My wife and I are having our son in February so I’ll only be a month into 2011 before my life will change in a gigantic way. I have been joined by two amazing partners this year to embark upon launching the Changethethought studio and we have already worked on some exciting projects for some big brands this past year. We are looking forward to what is coming next in 2011. My Partner and Executive Creative Director and I have to share our favorite studio lightening video from the past few months. Anytime we are stressed, tired or frustrated we play this brilliant skit from David Alan Grier as pornstar ‘Licorice Stick’ Mayfield sharing all of the famous porn sex positions that he invented over his ‘long’ illustrious pornstar career.

It’s a strange little gift from us to you, but we really do wish you all happy holidays and are excited to see where we will go in 2011.

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Swap Rebel

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I don’t make many Christmas recommendations because I am one of those rare old conspiracy-theory hippies who thinks ‘Christmas was like invented by corporate America to perpetuate wasteful consumerism man’. Bah humbug, but anyway let me just hypocritically make one recommendation for that techy design geek you might love (of if you want to send me one, I’ll take it) and that recommendation would be the Swap Rebel watch. It’s a really remarkable piece of technology more than it is a watch. It has a built in digital camera that takes both stills and video, touch color screen, a 2GB Micro SD Card (expandable upto 8GB), a USB 2.0 / Data Cable & Bluetooth file transfer at the end of the belt clasp which plugs directly into your computer, a built in operating system that can work hands free, an eBook reader, FM radio, calendar, World Clock stores up to 500 contacts and probably has a few other features I have forgotten. Basically it’s a computer that you wear around your wrist as a watch and I mean a ‘real’ computer. It’s only $300 bucks too which actually makes it pretty affordable but puts it squarely out of my ‘just started a business and am having a child in 2 months’ budget.

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Merry Christmas

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I just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of my friends and readers in the U.S. and across the globe. Thank you so very much for your support this year. It has meant so much. I hope to give you all much much more this next year and it has been a real pleasure and blessing receiving all of the emails from so many amazing and creative people from all over the world. Enjoy some time with your family and give your mind a break so you are ready to make new and wonderful things after the holiday season. You deserve it.

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Happy Holidays from CTT

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Well it is that time of year again, believe it or not. This year flew by and what a crazy year it was. Who could have predicted our current state of affairs.

I will be heading into the very heart of the American midwest today where I will not have a connection to the internet until Sunday. So, I will be signing off for a few days and wishing all of you a happy holiday. Thank you so very much for your support this year and for visiting the blog and subscribing to the RSS feed. I promise to keep beating the cyber-pavement this next year to find anything and everything I can relating to design and all things creative to keep your inspiration tank full.

Happy Holidays everyone. I’ll be back in front of the screen this Sunday and from then on will continue to flood your feed with news and links.

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Happy Christmas From AKQA

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Really cool little video holiday card from AKQA.

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