WIWP – Originals By Artists

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Wear It With Pride has a new project entitled ‘Originals By Artists’ featuring just that. You can purchase the originals via the WIWP online store. There is some really nice work in there from some notable illustrators and designers. I am not sure if the above painting by artist Tadaomi Shibuya is included in the ‘Originals By Artists’ series but it was one of my favorites nonetheless. Someone else must have liked it as it has already been sold.

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WIWP: Now Showing

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By now I am sure you have seen this posted on other creative and design blogs. I was a little slow at getting to this. Wear It With Pride recently hosted and exhibition in London titled, Now Showing. The idea behind the show came from offering the opportunity for 40 plus creatives to reinterpret their favorite cult, classic or obscure film poster from the past.

You can view the list of contributors at the Wear It With Pride website and get a better look at some of the posters and picture from the even at WIWP’s Flickr page. There is some nice work there and it was an interesting idea for a project. I wish I could have taken part in it.

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