Darren Firth

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Well there is no real arguing the talent of designer Darren Firth and you can start with his roster of experience to get a measure of his talent. Firth is the original founder of Occupy (then WIWP and is also a co founder and art director of the UK based studio, Six. He has updated with a long elegant scroll of brilliantly considered graphic design on his website. It’s all very understated, European and beautifully executed with a degree of confident maturity.

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WIWP – Originals By Artists

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Wear It With Pride has a new project entitled ‘Originals By Artists’ featuring just that. You can purchase the originals via the WIWP online store. There is some really nice work in there from some notable illustrators and designers. I am not sure if the above painting by artist Tadaomi Shibuya is included in the ‘Originals By Artists’ series but it was one of my favorites nonetheless. Someone else must have liked it as it has already been sold.

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