Little Friends of Printmaking

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I have been a fan of Milwaukee, Wisconsin based screen printers and illustrators Little Friends of Printmaking for a while now. I just stumbled across their Flickr-folio today and was excited to see a lot of very recent work, much of which renewed my interest in their work. The cycling illustrations are exceptional.

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Margaret Durow

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I stumbled across the work of Margaret Durow today (and I honestly cannot remember where I found her site, I just had it open in a tab from somewhere I had clicked and now I wish I remembered where that click came from). Regardless, I was just stunned by her narrative photography work when I finally got around to browsing through it. There are so many beautiful shots that just open up a space to let your mind wonder. Every shot seems snipped from a bigger story. The really amazing thing about Durow is that she is all but 19 years of age. She has such an amazing eye for someone so young.

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Curtis Jinkins

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Curtis Jinkins is a graduate of the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently employed by Planet Propaganda in Madison, Wisconsin.

He has generated some really nice music posters and you just have to love the hilarious images that randomly load in the background of his site.

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