Yolo: Updates

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It’s been a very long while since I last dropped in on the work of former Designers Republic member Martin Fewell. He has since been busy working on all sorts of new projects for his Manchester-based studio Yolo and you can view the results of his labor via a long scroll at his blog-style portfolio site

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Yolo: Updates

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The talented designer behind Yolo has updated his website with more interesting graphic design work.

A little more about Yolo:
“Yolo is the graphic design studio of Martin Fewell based in Manchester UK.

Graduating in 2000 from The University of Salford with BA(Hons) Graphic Design First Class Honours Martin began his career in London at Carlton TV working on interactive Televison projects.

From there Martin moved to design / production company Fold 7 where he spent 3 years working on
a wide range of projects from retail, music and work for television.

Next was a brief spell at design company Tonic before he returned to the north to work for The Designers Republic for 2 and a half years. There he worked on a range of projects including work for Coca-Cola, MTV, NIN and Gatecrasher.

Martin is also a part time Lecturer at The University of Salford and Chelsea School of Art and Design.”

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Yolo is the graphic design work of Manchester based designer Martin Fewell. I have posted his site and work before at my previous blog but is has since had a major overhaul and update that includes a lot more work than the last version of his site. Fewell had a stint at Tonic and The Designers Republic that enabled him with the experience of working for some large clients and gave him the opportunity to round out his resume with a number of skillsets. He is currently in the market for commissions and conveniently located in the U.K.

You can definitely see an influence from the infamous TDR in some of his work. I would have given my left arm to work with or for The Designers Republic. They were far and away one of my biggest influences when I started working in design.

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