Eskimo Creative

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Manchester based Eskimo Creative has launched a new website with some cracking new work presented in a clean and considered manner. Very English.

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Made By Shape

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Manchester based design studio Made By Shape emailed in a note that they had just launched their new website featuring some cleanly executed design work showcasing their solution-based approach to each individual project.

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Craig Oldham

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Craig Oldham is a Yorkshire born, bred and idealistically realistic Retired football player turned professional Graphic Designer who is now based in Manchester. He recently put together a series of maxims accompanied by essays called 10 Penneth that he hands out to students when speaking about graphic design.

A little more on the project from the designer himself:
“10 Penneth (if you’re not sure what I mean by penneth follow this little asterisk sitting on the shoulder of this*) is an accompaniment to a lecture series that I have given to students of Graphic Design and takes the form of ten (for lack of a better word—and I can’t understand why there isn’t one) maxims. These maxims take the form of short essays, each one being a lesson that’s an important thing to learn in order to help the students become better Graphic Designers, and in order for them to better understand the profession in which they are entering.”

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Yolo: Updates

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It’s been a very long while since I last dropped in on the work of former Designers Republic member Martin Fewell. He has since been busy working on all sorts of new projects for his Manchester-based studio Yolo and you can view the results of his labor via a long scroll at his blog-style portfolio site

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Adam Morris

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Adam Morris recently graduated from Manchester School of Art and Design. He has since moved to London where he is generating work for a growing roster of clients.

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Mayo is the personal portfolio of graphic designer Jason Mayo who is based in Manchester.

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Adam Rix

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Manchester-based graphic designer/art director, Adam Rix has some really nice work spanning a broad range of mediums in his portfolio.

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Andy Mallalieu is a graphic designer, art director and illustrator living and working in Manchester, U.K. He graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Graphic Design and has since worked both as a freelance designer and for the agency Creative Spark.

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