I apologize for lagging on my usual 5-8 posts a day. I have been overwhelmingly busy since starting my own studio. A small shockwave hit the internet yesterday when the new and improved Thinking for a Living launched. I knew a redesign was in the works several months back and it does not disappoint. The best part of the site is that they reconsidered the blog format and it’s functionality. The site reads more like a magazine now than a blog. It looks great and filling it with content no doubt takes some work (as I have learned). My biggest question, just on a personal note would be if there are plans for monetizing the site or bringing in sponsored content or partners. Maintaining blogs such as Thinking for a Living takes an enormous amount of work and I am often curious, especially considering my own current redesign and relaunch, what the future holds for creative blogging minus any kind of financial support. Call me curious.

The new Thinking for a Living site was designed by Frank Chimero and BBDK. I was really excited to hear it was coded by Denver code guru Ian Coyle. The site sits on a grid and features keyboard navigation. They have also done a fine job with how they have managed to make the images weave throughout the content. They have several authors/writers on the site and it shows in writing. It will be a fun blog to visit over this next year to see how it unfolds and see what kind of content is posted.

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