Thinking for a Living

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I apologize for lagging on my usual 5-8 posts a day. I have been overwhelmingly busy since starting my own studio. A small shockwave hit the internet yesterday when the new and improved Thinking for a Living launched. I knew a redesign was in the works several months back and it does not disappoint. The best part of the site is that they reconsidered the blog format and it’s functionality. The site reads more like a magazine now than a blog. It looks great and filling it with content no doubt takes some work (as I have learned). My biggest question, just on a personal note would be if there are plans for monetizing the site or bringing in sponsored content or partners. Maintaining blogs such as Thinking for a Living takes an enormous amount of work and I am often curious, especially considering my own current redesign and relaunch, what the future holds for creative blogging minus any kind of financial support. Call me curious.

The new Thinking for a Living site was designed by Frank Chimero and BBDK. I was really excited to hear it was coded by Denver code guru Ian Coyle. The site sits on a grid and features keyboard navigation. They have also done a fine job with how they have managed to make the images weave throughout the content. They have several authors/writers on the site and it shows in writing. It will be a fun blog to visit over this next year to see how it unfolds and see what kind of content is posted.

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AisleOne Relaunch

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Antonio Carusone has relaunched a new version of his always-excellent design blog AisleOne. He has included an option to view the posts in a grid which makes for a grid-a-licious vintage-inspired helvetica-heavy online graphic design experience.

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Friends of Type

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There is some great typographic inspiration pumping through the feed at Friends of Type. Here is an excerpt pulled from their about section:

“Erik sent me a sweet sketch. I said, “you should post that!” He was like, “where?” So there you go. 8 hours later, at about 4am EST and 1am PST, we are Friends of Type.

We are, at the moment, alphabetically:

The site serves as a bit of a sketchbook, dialogue and archive of inspiration for all involved. You can never have too much inspiration when it comes to typography.

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CPLUV Relaunch

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Longtime inspirational creative blog Computer Love relaunched today with a new look and a new model. The end goal is 3 websites that will feature not only the regular inspirational blog but a portfolio network, creative awards and your own personal space. Move over QBN.

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Imaginary Foundation Blog

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The Imaginary Foundation got in touch to let me know that they have launched their first blog. It is again filled with the kind of inspirational tidbits that support their philosophy. They are also releasing a new line today. The second image above is from their new line that was just released. The first image was taken from one of their earlier shirts and is still probably my all time favorite. IF was kind enough to send me some shirts recently and I was honesty pretty shocked at how well the image holds up on their shirts and how true the color is.

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Graphical House Blog

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I discovered this morning that Graphical House has a blog. It’s a good way to keep up on their great work.

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Design is Kinky Studio

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The guys behind Design Is Kinky have launched a website to showcase the project work they have completed whilst running their blog, circulating their own magazine and pulling off one of the best annual design events on the globe (Semi Permanent).

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“In Thai, buamai translates to ‘are you bored?’ We created this site to become a massive image library (in due time) that would eventually kill time when we (or anyone) are bored. For now, the people posting images on Buamai is a closed collective, but we might open the flood gates in the future. So, if you are ever bored, click away! Buamai was created by Michael Paul Young.”

That’s Michael Paul Young from You Work For Them. It looks like a really cool site so far with a weird enough slant to make it interesting. I like the idea of keeping it tightly curated. Problem is that also requires a lot of selfless devotion. It will be interesting to see if they can keep it going. I hope they do because the WWFT/YWFT guys always have good ideas that are worth supporting.

We thank you for the new source of inspiration Michael.

Be warned, posters featuring boobs, banana gobbling women, swamp dogg and dragons ahead. That’s the right kind of warning if you ask me.

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Norman Cavazzana

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Absolutely stunning images from the powerhouse creative duo Norman Cavazzana. Just beautiful work.

They also have an inspirational video and image blog that you can visit here.

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Build Blog

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Michael C. Place has started an official blog for Build that you can view here.

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Tim Lahan has some recent work in his portfolio that brought a smile to my face.

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There is an all new Motionographer site online. If you have never visited, do yourself a favor and check it out. It is hands down the best blog about motion graphics on the internet and it just keeps getting better.

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Made in England by Gentleman

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There is a strange trend emerging on the internet where a lot of bloggers don’t want to reveal their sources. I think this can be attributed to the spirit of business competition, as blogging is more and more becoming considered an actual small business venture. When things turn business, no one wants to advertise for the competition. I check numerous blogs everyday and use a lot of what I find to help me get the information I decide to put on my blog. I think most bloggers do. Of course I receive emails as well, but the best stuff happening out their is happening in the blogosphere, all bullshit aside. I am out there pounding the virtual pavement day and night for what I fill my blog with. Call it cherry-picking, I don’t really care. Some of my favorites include, Computer Love, FFFFound, Formfiftyfive and Aisle One. To me blogging is a new form of news broadcasting, and when things go out over the wire, we bloggers decide what we think is appropriate to broadcast for our audience. If you don’t like it or you think someone is doing it better, you can always change the channel. There is after all, a hell of a lot more of them to choose from now on the internet than the television.

I have discovered one recently though, that I just have to share and shout out loud. It is just so quirky and fun that I always end up finding something funny there that helps make my day a little more light. It’s called Made In England By Gentleman, and it is just always a pleasure to browse. So go there and enjoy it because I do, and you should share what makes you happy, not hide it.

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We are the blog we have been waiting for

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I am seeking new bloggers at the moment. I would really like to grow Changethethought into a usable archive of information for Graphic Artists, Motionographers, Type-junkies, Fashionistas, Film Fans and young people interested in politics and pop culture. I am looking for people who are not afraid to express their true opinion about things. For example if you want to post something you think is relevant to a specific trend, but then call it out as something you personally think is lame, go for it.

I also would like people who have an opinion about issues, issues about anything related to design or politics. No fear here. If you feel strongly about something and want to talk about it, then I will support you. Our views don’t have to relate either. You don’t even have to like my work. A lot of people don’t. I am comfortable with that.

I would just like to start something here where people can find a little shred of truth and feel a connection to another person. Right now I am having such a hard time just keeping the content coming that it would be great to have contributors that would like to write more and not just link dump. Link dumping is really all I have time for at the moment.

I can’t offer compensation yet because there isn’t really any to be offered. I am doing this for free so far myself. I can promise you that I will send you a size run of all the clothing I have produced and any and all prints I may produce in the future as well. I know from experience that is more than most design zines offer their editors. I will also feature you in the about section with a link to you and your work. I can’t tell you exactly where all this is headed either because I don’t really even know myself. Maybe we can make something happen for each other. Time will tell.

If you think you might be interested, drop me an email at hire@changethethought.com and send me a link to where I can view your work or learn more about you.

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