I am seeking new bloggers at the moment. I would really like to grow Changethethought into a usable archive of information for Graphic Artists, Motionographers, Type-junkies, Fashionistas, Film Fans and young people interested in politics and pop culture. I am looking for people who are not afraid to express their true opinion about things. For example if you want to post something you think is relevant to a specific trend, but then call it out as something you personally think is lame, go for it.

I also would like people who have an opinion about issues, issues about anything related to design or politics. No fear here. If you feel strongly about something and want to talk about it, then I will support you. Our views don’t have to relate either. You don’t even have to like my work. A lot of people don’t. I am comfortable with that.

I would just like to start something here where people can find a little shred of truth and feel a connection to another person. Right now I am having such a hard time just keeping the content coming that it would be great to have contributors that would like to write more and not just link dump. Link dumping is really all I have time for at the moment.

I can’t offer compensation yet because there isn’t really any to be offered. I am doing this for free so far myself. I can promise you that I will send you a size run of all the clothing I have produced and any and all prints I may produce in the future as well. I know from experience that is more than most design zines offer their editors. I will also feature you in the about section with a link to you and your work. I can’t tell you exactly where all this is headed either because I don’t really even know myself. Maybe we can make something happen for each other. Time will tell.

If you think you might be interested, drop me an email at hire@changethethought.com and send me a link to where I can view your work or learn more about you.

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