Ah, what to say about this rare and precious beast? Hmm. I doth wonder? Wow, doth is a real word, my spell checker didn’t even catch it. Who knew.

Essentially, Wexley School for Girls is an advertising agency, and equally as essentially it is a group of the biggest wise-asses ever to run the game. Boy do they run it well. There is so much funny and incredibly smart work in their book that it is kind of daunting. It’s not the kind of work that a lot of overly aesthetic types will appreciate it. A lot of it appears almost ‘underproduced’ in that regard, but lovingly so. Don’t be fooled by this because intelligence and humor permeate everything in their book down to the core.  Their broadcast and viral work is a study in low budget meets high concept. If you are in advertising, it will have you asking, “Shit, why didn’t we do that?”

The crazy sexy space cats at Wexley believe that anything can be advertising depending on how it’s thrown out their into popular culture. Traditional media, design, packaging, video games, PR generating lunacy, short films and even an occasional squirrel race. Nothing is off limits and everything deserves thought.

They may not be what I typically post, which is usually pretty and gratifying design, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t amazingly talented and deserving of every accolade possible. They are the kind of agency I would kill to work for. I would imagine you can hear laughter throughout the day in their office and I bet a lot of it is coming from the clients and not just the creatives. Spend some time checking out their broadcast work because it is pure pleasure. If you like your humor dry with a side of smart ass, then their blog will send you through the roof.

I love these guys.

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