This will surely be the news of the day in the ad/creative circles. CP+B has launched a new and apparently still ‘beta‘ version of their website. The concept is very similar to Modernista’s site whereas content is being fed from all over the net about Crispin into the site. It’s still an interesting idea and maybe more relavant to the giant press-making machine that is Crispin but the execution is really lacking. I know everyone wants to jump on the hate train with CP+B because they are so absolutely amazing but it’s purely logistical. The site just looks ugly and unpolished. If you want to go clean, just do what Weiden and Kennedy did with their recent ‘London‘ website. You can still make a site attractive using type and color. Logistics or not, Crispin is the undisputable heavyweight of the ad world at the moment. I don’t think that is up for argument here, it’s just their site is blah.

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