Canadian designer Paul Sych A.K.A. Faith utilizes lyrical typographical elements to create a unique interplay with photography.

About Faith:
“For over 2 decades, Paul Sych has been exploring and practicing many of the parallels between art and music. After completing his studies from both York University’s prestigious Jazz Program and from the Ontario College Of Art & Design, Paul founded his multi-disciplinary design studio Faith, in 1989. Paul has consistently offered new methods of expression by using custom typography as a catalyst within his work and has challenged both clients and peers alike to enter his world of unique and flamboyant use of type and imagery. In addition to being commissioned by legendary designers, art directors, educators and forums on typography internationally, his work has been widely exhibited and published globally. Paul continues to explore visual and typographic works in print, branding, public art, motion graphics and broadcast design. Recently, Paul has focused his interests in teaching, lecturing, conducting workshops and personal critiques to both students and colleagues alike in a effort to begin a new dialogue on typography and design methods.”

Via FFF.

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