When you work at an advertising agency it’s commonplace that people drop by the office looking for business. This includes all kinds of people in the creative business, motion graphics agencies, production companies and photographers. One such individual, a photographer by the name of Greg Friedler dropped by the office this morning. Greg is a transplant from New York who is on the lookout for new projects in Denver.

I absolutely love photography of people and Greg’s work really impressed me. He is able to capture the personality of his subjects in his images in a way that really connects at a visceral level. He doesn’t shy away from nudity either and I think there is something artistically captivating about seeing someone off the street in the nude. His images are raw and beautiful. I was really taken back by his pictures of Havana as well. I have always wanted to go there, especially after having had lived in Miami.

Best of luck to you Greg.

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