Their is some fun stuff in the portfolio of Brooklyn-based, Ground-Wave.

Here is their profile copied from their site: “We’re a design firm based out of Brooklyn, NY. And simply put, we love creating beautiful, flexible designs. Whether we’re working with you on a new identity, a website, or a mobile GUI, the goal is to build a living, breathing product�one that scales to your needs now� and later. With an ever-evolving online landscape, these days creativity is adaptability, and that’s what we want to give you. All wrapped up in a sweet design.

If we had a motto (or a mullet), it would probably be business in front, whiz-bang in back. Back-end, that is. Particularly when we’re working within the online realm, we stress the wisdom of designs that are easily updatable and can empower our clients. Whether it’s building a content management system custom-tailored to your needs or integrating with an existing solution, we look for smart and sensible ways to make our designs durable.”

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