“Print-process is the new sister company to the online print shop Blanka. Print-Process was born out of the concept of creating print in a more democratic and liberating way for our customers.

With Print-Process the idea is to give more power to the customer. We have 1 fixed price structure [depending on the size of print you order] and the artists all work democratically to the same system. The customer can choose the print they want to own, but now depending on their finances or the size of the space they live in, they can chose the same great work but now are able to specify the size and better control the price they pay. The work is all digitally made to order to the highest giclee print standard, and to keep the cost friendly for the customer, it is made to an open ended edition. Some prints by some artists, whilst open ended, may run to a limited time frame. We believe this is an interesting way of getting our unique design work out to our customers without compromising artists’ individual standards. Our aim is that this will be a liberating concept and fulfilling experience for both our artists and our customers.”

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