I need to get a little more local Colorado love out there on the blog lately but I have had trouble lately keeping up on my emails, my fulltime gig as an Art Director and the 8 million things I have going outside of work. With that said, Table 2 Press has been emailing me for a while now to write something up about them. They are a Boulder, Colorado-based screen printing house with some real skill. The Roots poster above is tantamount to that fact.

Here is a direct copy of their ‘about’ write-up from their website:
“Table2Press was formed in 2004 by four friends / designers who wanted to screenprint and design posters. We love providing a visual extension to the live music experience and are available to work on a variety of projects. If you ask nicely, chances are we can help you out, however, none of us wear black all the time or are familiar with 18th century epiphanal novels. We try as hard as we can to not include the following in our posters: birds, trees*, robots, skulls*, token naked ladies, or elephants.”

You get a sense of their personality right away from their sense of humor and their earnest attempt to avoid the cliché screenprinted rock poster subject matter. If you have a music gig in Boulder, Denver or anywhere else for that matter, you could do a lot worse for a screen printer.

Hit up their website and have a look at some of the rest of their work.

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