1st Ave Machine: Relaunch

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Motion-house 1st Avenue Machine has relaunched their site which now features full-browser video (a little bit of a processor cruncher though). Better yet, this full browser video features a beautiful nude (yet strangely nippleless) woman being transformed by laser blasting robot arms into a cyborg. How’s that for ass-kicking awesome?

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1st Ave Machine

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1st Ave Machine is an NYC based CGI VFX/Animation studio and production company specializing in advertising, music videos, broadcast and feature film. They are known for their hyper-realistic organic animation. The studio was founded by animation and live action director Arvind Palep and executive producer Serge Patzak.

The stills above are from a recent AT&T commercial. The realism of the graphics have to be seen to be believed. They are absolutely stunning. Amazing work.

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