Curtis Doss

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Curtis Doss has doen his time at some of the big hitters within the motion/broadcast production industry at places like Shilo and Bigstar. He’s now seeking freelance work and has a spectacular portfolio of work that is proof of his talent.

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Nando Costa: TLC

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I just returned the week before last from a 3 week trip to Brazil. My wife’s family (in case you don’t know) is from Northern Brazil. Teresina to be exact. So I spent a few weeks there along with a trip to Parnaiba and a few days at the beach for Carnival in Luís Correia. Yes it was nice.

I am always curious as to what is playing on TV when I am on the flipside of the equator and immediately noticed some standout branding spots for TLC and after a little research uncovered they were of course done by none other than Brazilian motion designer Nando Costa.

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Theadore Daley: Updates

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Theadore Daley’s talented hands have touched many a great project for many a great motion design studios. His portfolio has been refreshed with some visually stunning work that is immediately recognizable to anyone who has recently turned on the television or plugged in a video game.

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Plenty: Criminal Minds

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AXN LatinAmerica called on Plenty to develop a promo of one of its primetime shows, “Criminal Minds”, whose main characters are a team of FBI profilers who analyze ‘Criminal Minds’ to deduce their next move.

More info and Backstage at plenty.tv

Directed by: Plenty
Art Director: Pablo Alfieri
Animation Director: Mariano Farias
Typography Treatment & Graphic Design: Elda Broglio & Pablo Alfieri
Compositing & Postproduction: Sebastian Curi, Mariano Farias & Pablo Alfieri
3D Modeling & textures: Daniel Bel & Juan Martin Miyagi
3D Rendering & Lighting: Daniel Bel
3D Animation: Daniel Bel
2D Animation: Mariano Farias
Montage & Edition: Mariano Farias
Production: Inés Palmas
Year: 2011

Client: Sony Pictures Television Latin America
Production Manager / Art Director AXN Latin America: Sergio Moreno
Creative Producer: Marisabel Torres
Audio: Marisabel Torres / Valentina Durán

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Saiman Chow // Ray-Ban

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Saiman Chow has brought his patent psychedelic spin to this spot for Ray-Ban’s ‘Rare Prints’ campaign. It’s refreshing to see that style translated into broadcast. I would expect to see more considering how this has been received so far.

Client: Ray-Ban
Spot title: Rare Prints
Agency: Marcel, Paris
Creative Director : Sebastien Vacherot
Writer : Sebastian Piacentini
Art Director : Bastien Grisolet
Account Manager : Shannon Eddy
TV Producer : Cleo Ferenczi

Director: Saiman Chow
Production Company: Blacklist
Executive Producer: Michael Neithardt
Producer: Patrick Gantert
Associate Producer: Sophie Gate
Compositor: Fred Kim

Animation: Studio Nos
Creative Directors: Mathew Amonson, Jeremy Bronson
Producer: John Bega
Stop Motion Director: Mathew Amonson
Animators: Mathew Amonson, Luca Vitale
Model Fabrication: Junko Shimizu, Zack Williams, Mathew Amonson
Director of Photography: Mathew Amonson

Music and Sound Design: Antfood
Executive Producer: Sean McGovern

Production Service Company: Wam

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PSYOP: Updates

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The almighty deacon of motion design and now live action, PSYOP have updated their site and reel with several new works and of course the imagery is sharp, amazing and beautiful as always. They continue to be a source of inspiration for fledgling shops like ours.

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Barcelona based motion design and 3D studio Diestro are laying the foundation early to become a juggernaut. They already have some air tight network branding and animated 3D work under their belts. Best to keep an eye on them. Make sure to visit their website to check out more of their work in greater detail.

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MTV Top 10 at 10

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There must be no rules at MTV when it comes to these promos and I think that is brilliant. Hence the sheer madness that is this spot from PepperMelon.

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Pitch Black Showreel

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Pitch Black’s showreel for 2011 is pretty nasty. And by nasty we mean rad. And by rad we mean dope. And by…well you get the picture now just watch the reel.

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Material Group Showreel

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Chicago based Digital Agency Material Group have recently posted their first showreel and it features some excellent work.

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Digital Kitchen: 2011 Showreel

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In the world of CG, motion, FX, 3D, editing, live action and just all around broadcast/digital production awesomeness, Digital Kitchen reigns supreme. Taco supreme. Nachos supreme. Chocolate supreme. Whip cream supreme. Velvet supreme. Dream supreme.

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Oh Hello

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Oh Hello is a Seattle based motion design and animation studio cranking out some solid work and they very recently updated their portfolio with lots of new goodies.

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There is some rock solid motion and 3D work coming out of studio Elastic. It’s all good stuff and they know how to seamlessly integrate 3D into live action. I would keep an eye on these people.

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Daniel Pernikoff: Updates

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Motion Designer Daniel Pernikoff updates with a visually subtle but technically masterful portfolio of motion and 3D work primarily for broadcast.

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National Television: Updates

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Well if you are interested in motion design or work in the field like we do, you have most likely heard of any are probably a fan of National Television. They have just updated with a new website and a flurry of new project work, so now is the time to fill your inspirational cup.

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DixonBaxi Reel 2011

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There is good work, there is great work and then there is like ‘whoa, holy shit’ work. And here is Dixon Baxi’s reel for 2011, and well you know like ‘whoa, holy shit’.

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Noah Conopask

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Noah Conopask is currently a director in Shilo’s NY office and has worked for Digital Kitchen in the past. He has earned an Emmy nomination for past directorial work. Aside from being an accomplished commercial director he is also a photographer with an amazing eye for composition. In short, he is a multifaceted talent with an amazing portfolio of work.

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Zambezi apparently means shark. It’s also the name of a small Venice-based (Los Angeles) advertising agency run by a boot strap crew who pushes out some big ideas. They have some excellent ad work under their hat and our responsible for some very fun-to-watch commercials.

Give us a call guys. We’d love to work with you.

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