Flying Lotus – Kill Your Co-Workers

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Mike Winkelmann AKA Beeple created this 3D animated video for Flying Lotus’s single ‘Kill Your Co-Workers’. You can actually download all of the 3d characters in the video for free at beeple-crap.com/​resources.php. Strange but good (just like Flying Lotus).

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‘Slices, Spheres and Limm’ are the titles for a series of 3D renders created by Christoph Bader, a member of the art collective DepotArt along with Dominik Kolb and Julian Rohbach.

Discovered via Human Resources.

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From the Dark Past

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From The Dark Past, is the title of the current animation by Rafaël Rozendaal. There is a definite physical quality to the animation that almost tricks the eye into believing a camera is panning across a dimensional landscape. Be sure to click and play as well.

Via the amazingly curated and always interesting Today and Tomorrow.

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Hugo Arcier

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Hugo Arcier was trained in 3D graphic arts at the Supinfocom school (Valenciennes). His work is just bizarre but really interesting.

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