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Field is an experimental short film designed and animated by Selfburning with sound design Alexey Devyanin. You can learn more about Devyanin here and Self Burning here.

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‘Slices, Spheres and Limm’ are the titles for a series of 3D renders created by Christoph Bader, a member of the art collective DepotArt along with Dominik Kolb and Julian Rohbach.

Discovered via Human Resources.

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Field: Interim Camp

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Field got in touch today to let me know that their ‘latest exploration in generative processes and abstract narration’ is ready for viewing. It is strange and wonderful. Generative art is a really interesting new vein in the body of art if you ask me. I love seeing the back and forth push between art and technology.

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“field is Marcus Wendt, Vera-Maria Glahn and a network of collaborators.We use custom software to create generative design & animations, interactive installations, and toys.”

Wow, really strange and unusual but I really dig it. I love work like this that kind of breaks new barriers and defies explanation. I didn’t even know what category to file it under.

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