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“This is a direct video output from the iPad’s HD screen which generates the animation in realtime at 1024×768. It’s based on my previous animations and ‘Zio’ – my iPhone app. It’s created by complex algorithms and random generation, so you never get the exact same animation everytime you run it.”

The video was produced by codemaster Glenn Marshall with music by Brian Eno.

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Subblue is the experimental generative art of Tom Beddard. He has some real mind-bending work in his portfolio and whenever possible shares the source-code from his interactive experiments. He is an ex-physicist and currently works as the technical director for the Scottish digital branding agency Tictoc Family, building Ruby on Rails based web applications.

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From the Dark Past

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From The Dark Past, is the title of the current animation by Rafaël Rozendaal. There is a definite physical quality to the animation that almost tricks the eye into believing a camera is panning across a dimensional landscape. Be sure to click and play as well.

Via the amazingly curated and always interesting Today and Tomorrow.

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Martin Fuchs and Philip Whitfield are both students at Hyperwerk in Basel. Undef is their collaborative experimental efforts in 3D and Processing. Equally interesting and unique.

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Elna Frederick

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Elna Frederick has some really unusual javascript art up to play with. It’s not often you see something like this and whether you like it or not, it’s an interesting idea to generate interactive art via javascript.

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“field is Marcus Wendt, Vera-Maria Glahn and a network of collaborators.We use custom software to create generative design & animations, interactive installations, and toys.”

Wow, really strange and unusual but I really dig it. I love work like this that kind of breaks new barriers and defies explanation. I didn’t even know what category to file it under.

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Erik Natzke is an interactive artist who works to blur the lines between art and technology with a Flickr-folio bursting with colorful abstract compositions.

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Alex Dragulescu

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Alex Dragulescu is a Romanian visual artist whose practice embraces both traditional and new media. His projects are experiments and explorations of algorithms, computational models, simulations and information visualizations that involve data derived from databases, spam emails, blogs and video game assets.

His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions worldwide in Madrid, Venice, Florence, Rome, Seoul, Sao Paolo, St Petersburg, La Habana, Arad, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki and the Biennial of Young Artists, Bucharest. In 2005, his software agent Blogbot, won the IBM New Media Award at the Stuttgart Festival for Expanded Media in Germany.

He has a BS in Cinema and Photography from Ithaca College and a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from University of California at San Diego. In September 2007, Dragulescu left the Experimental Game Lab + Center for Research in Computing and the Arts at UC San Diego and is now a researcher in the Social Media Group at the MIT Media Lab.”

It takes a real artist to create something beautiful out of email spam.

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