Black Gepeto

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French artist Marvin De Deus Ganhitas AKA Black Gepeto is laying down some strange abstract compositions that can be enjoyed via his Flickrfolio. We likey. Very strange yet very hip and of course that perfect combination is very French.

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Kim Manfredi

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Painter Kim Manfredi’s work sometimes blurs the line between abstract expressionism and subject based painting by giving abstract forms a dimensionality that makes them appear almost as if they are physical objects.

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Yago Hortal

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Spanish painter Yago Hortal lives and works in Berlin. Hortal does more with a single stroke than most painters can do with toolbox full of technique. His abstract work employs the use of vivid color and makes no apology for being what it is: a painting. Lovely work.

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Alex Hohlov

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Alex Hohlov’s work has been all over Dropular lately and I finally tracked down the source today. His random digital abstract expressionism works are really attractive but I was really digging the typography work shown above. You can see a lot more of his work in his Flickr-folio as well.

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Sarah Spitler

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Sarah Spitler crafts psychedelic landscapes out of artfully construed paint-splatters and drips. The end result is a melting space of beautiful colors supplemented by happenstance details.

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Famer Bob

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Farmer Bob’s Farm is the work of painter, Robert Hardgrave. It has been a long while since I last thumbed through his abstract work and a visit to Computer Love reminded me of his enormous talent today. His work has really evolved since the last time I saw it and has taken on a more dimensional quality with overlaying translucent colors. The effect is really stunning and the amount of detail in the work is impressive. It plays out something like a subjective post-modern impression of Kandinsky.

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