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A-FACE-A-DAY is a self initiated project by an Austrian art director/ illustrator based in VIENNA who wanted to capture the fascinating people that occupy the city. There is a lot of fun to be had here.

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David Mascha: Updates

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Austrian designer illustrator David Mascha has updated with more colorful info-like graphics for companies like AT&T and IBM. I am really digging his abstract, colorful and dimensional visuals.

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Michael Ostermann: Updates

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Vienna based digital illustrator Michael Ostermann has kept busy and has been updating both his website and Flickrfolio with new and curious digitally composited photo-manipulation illustrations that vary in technique and emotional range.

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David Mascha: Updates

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Austrian designer David Mascha has updated his website with new work. The site itself is highly function and presents the work in a clean and attractive environment. He’s got some nice illustration work under the hood for IBM.

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Michael Paukner

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Graphic designer Michael Paukner has an interesting body of work on display through his Flickr photostream. What’s particularly interesting about his work is how he approaches each layout as an editorial piece communicating bits of factual and spiritual information. Not only is the work interesting to look at you also learn something new and fascinating through each piece. And he is lucky enough to call Vienna, Austria his home. How nice.

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Grant Coghill

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Grant Coghill is originally from the cold northern Scottish town of Tongue. He now lives in nice, toasty and warm Innsbruck, Austria (sarcasm, although I hear it’s very nice in Austria). There is something very retro about his illustration work but the bold swaths of vivid color are very digital now. While browsing be sure to check out some of his absolutely stellar apparel designs for Creme. Good stuff.

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3d illustrator Teodoru Badiu has an interesting childlike style that looks like it is ready-made for a trippy animated kids show.

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Marek Haiduk

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Although Austrian illustrator/designer, Marek Haiduk has never been featured on the blog, now is a better time than ever as his portfolio has just been updated.

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