Mike Mitchell

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There are just so so many pop-culture inspired illustrations brimming over Sir Mike of Mitchell’s cup. Quick. Drink up.

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Jesse Balmer: Updates

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Artist and illustrator Jesse Balmer has updated his unique and surreal portfolio with some inspiring new works.

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Pietari Posti: Updates

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Illustrator Pietari Posti was someone I used to check in on regularly back a year or two ago. It’s been a long time since I have browsed his work but there has been an update and what looks like a new website. Posti is still rocking with some exceptionally artistic and colorful imagery.

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Sam Weber is Amazing

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He’s updated his portfolio yet again with dark and glorious imagery. The guy is such an inspiration. His work continues to be spectacular and no that is not an exaggeration.

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Chris B. Murray: Updates

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Illustrator Chris B. Murray was posted here not long ago but he’s updated his portfolio with some excellent new illustration work that is definitely worth checking out.

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David Despau

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Illustrator David Despau has updated with an attractive new website featuring some trendy done right illustration work of some famous people and famous characters.

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Mikkel Sommer

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Mikkel Sommer has some fun gestural work for comics and illustration in his portfolio. It’s kind of wild and colorful but he’s got a great eye for situational comedy and drama.

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Sick Leave

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Jake Fried actually hand drew this entire animation using ink and white out. Keep that in mind as the barrage of imagery begins to unfold. It’s wild. You can find out more about his work at inkwood.net.

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McDonagh Illustration

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Tim McDonagh has some sumptuously detailed work in his small but considered illustration portfolio. He keeps his color work fairly flat and printerly which gives his work a bit of an antiqued feel.

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Chrysa Koukoura

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Chrysa Koukoura creates some simple yet disarmingly strange black and white pen and ink illustrations inspired almost entirely by nature.

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Kyle Stecker

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Kyle Stecker has some fun, kinetic and pop-infused illustrations in his ever-growing body of work. He is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York and is accepting commissions.

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I am really into the dead rockstar series created by Scottish Illustrator and Artist Hetch 666. They were commissioned by Dead Famous Clothing (who would have guessed?). They’d make a pretty sweet set of art prints too. Might I suggest letterpress?

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There is some nice illustration work represented in the portfolio of Synthoxide known by her parents and loved ones as Kimberly Bicknese.

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Ray Frenden: Updates

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I love the pop-horror-infused, fun and tongue in cheek work of illustrator Ray Frenden and he recently updated (or at least since I last dropped in) with more colorful, zobified and horrorific imagery that is crazy fun to sift through.

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Jonathan bergeron

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I ran across the ink drawings of shit hot talented Jonathan bergeron a week or so back while surfing around FFFFound and low and behold in between hot hipster chicks with big boobs and tattoos was some sincerely awesome pen and ink drawings. You can see lots more at his Behance-folio. Guy’s got skills. Like ‘hand’ skills.

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Yana Moskaluk

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Russian illustrator and artist Yana Moskaluk has kept at it since I last dropped in on her work and there have been a few notable updates as of late to her portfolio.

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The Old Man and the Sea

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Marcel Schindler brings the work of Hemingway to life via some clever stop motion. That wasn’t a complete sentence. Sorry Hemingway. Damn it another incomplete sentence. There I go again.

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Jared Africa

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There is something Gonzo about the gestural, colorful and psychedelic drawings of Jared Africa. And I am a big fan of Gonzo.

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