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I am really into the dead rockstar series created by Scottish Illustrator and Artist Hetch 666. They were commissioned by Dead Famous Clothing (who would have guessed?). They’d make a pretty sweet set of art prints too. Might I suggest letterpress?

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Steven Bonner: Updates

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Designer and typographer Steven Bonner updated yet again with some more striking imagery and illustrated typography. He’s an adept image-maker and his style keeps expanding. Some of the recent more simple works are definitely the most eye-catching.

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Scottish designer/illustrator Steven Bonner has recently updated with some especially nice drippy urban typographic illustrations.

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Tyson McAdoo

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Tyson McAdoo attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Arts and graduated in 1999. He then went on to work for Marvel, DC, Wildstorm and Dark Horse comics but has since become more a freelance illustrator. His subject matter is women and furniture, two things I would have to admit to having an appreciation for.

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Grant Coghill

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Grant Coghill is originally from the cold northern Scottish town of Tongue. He now lives in nice, toasty and warm Innsbruck, Austria (sarcasm, although I hear it’s very nice in Austria). There is something very retro about his illustration work but the bold swaths of vivid color are very digital now. While browsing be sure to check out some of his absolutely stellar apparel designs for Creme. Good stuff.

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Kirsty Whiten

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Scottish born artist Kirsty Whiten has some exceptionally amazing paintings and illustration work in her Flickr-folio. The above image is an actual oil painting. Stunning and contemporary.

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Steven Bonner

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There is some clever typography and illustration work in the Flickr-folio of Scottish designer Steven Bonner. Gotta love the ampersand.

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