Alexandre Salles

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Artists Inspire Artists has an ‘inspiring’ (go figure) feature about Brazlian artist and illustrator Alexandre Salles who digitally paints some beautiful film and comic book inspired imagery.

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Defective Comics

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Defective Comics is a humorous side project put together by poster artists Olly Moss and Daniel Danger featuring your favorite caped crusader hanging out in unusual places. It’s a nice little trifecta of illustration, pop and satire.

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Patrick Seymour

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Canadian graphic designer and illustrator Patrick Seymour has developed an interesting technique generating pop and film related portraits out of simple line work.

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Mauro Perucchetti

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Sculptor Mauro Perucchetti blends pop and minimalism with a touch of sarcastic wit to help generate some truly exquisite sculptures. I would imagine a personal viewing of his exhibitions would be a memorable experience.

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