Cristiano Siqueira: Portraits

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Brazilian illustrator Cristiano Siqueira otherwise known as Cris Vector has batched some of his past portraits for various clients in his Behance portfolio. There is some inspiring work awaiting your perusal.

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Alexandre Salles

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Artists Inspire Artists has an ‘inspiring’ (go figure) feature about Brazlian artist and illustrator Alexandre Salles who digitally paints some beautiful film and comic book inspired imagery.

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CrisVector: Updates

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Brazilian illustrator Cristiano Siqueira has updated his portfolio with some nice new work including projects for Nike. I remain a big fan of vector art and Cristiano is one of the best.

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Feral Kid: Updates

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Brazilian artist and illustrator João Ruas AKA Feral Kid has updated with some new inspirational, dark but beautiful work.

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Brazilian graphic artist and illustrator Diego Morales has a fun portfolio and he shows it well in his simple but well played Cargo-folio layout.

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Douglas Bcicleta: Again

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Alright, this latest update to the Flickrfolio of illustrator Douglas Bcicleta has totally solidified my fandom. His work just kicks ass plain and simple. I’m inspired and ready to put some boobs back into my illustration work.

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Joao Oliveira: Updates Yet Again

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Brasileiro designer and illustrator João Oliveira (Onrepeat) is a young talent whom I’ve followed a few years now. Enough so that he knows I am a sucker enough for his work that I will post it just as soon as he has made a major update which he does more often than most. So once again, he has been in touch and updated his poppy, colorful and fun portfolio with new imagery. This time there is some 3d incorporated which breathes new life into his work. As always, it’s a lot of sugary eye candy that is sure to give the brain a little rush.

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Bruno Borges

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Bruno Borges is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in São Paulo, Brasil. I will be the first to admit that his portfolio plays like series of ‘familiarities’ with other work I have seen but that being said, he possesses the power to create strong images (enough so that I am posting it here anyway).

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Vinicius Costa: Updates

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Vinicius Costa sent a humble little, ‘hey check out my latest work’ type of email and I have to say very humbly that I am floored. Wow. Absolutely gorgeous work is spilling over his amazing portfolio. What a talent.

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Brazilian motion studio Beeld has updated with new projects. They show a lot of promise with some colorful and highly illustrated new animation work. It’s bright, fun and cool.

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Nelson Balaban

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One of my favorite young designers who is now becoming a shit-hot illustrator, Nelson Balaban participated in his first ever solo exhibition a few weeks back. The show was titled ‘Selfish’ (hence the great self portrait above) and he managed to generate some very inspiring imagery for the show. You can take a look here.

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Love Machine: Updates

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I haven’t checked in on Brazilian motion designer Thiago Oliveira in a long time but since my last visit he has updated with some beautiful and etherial new work all under his great monicker ‘Love Machine‘.

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Rejane Dal Bello

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Sorry to copy and paste but this is a very well written and informative bio so:

“Senior Graphic Designer & Illustrator Rejane Dal Bello has been based in The Netherlands since 2004. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, she began her career working for renowned branding & design companies in Brazil.

After her BA in Graphic Design in Rio de Janeiro, Rejane went on to study under Milton Glaser at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She completed a MA at Post St Joost Academy in The Netherlands in 2006. During her MA, Rejane joined Studio Dumbar, a graphic design studio that has established a unique position in the Dutch Design scene.

Rejane is currently a Senior Design at Studio Dumbar, as well as a member of the faculty of Post St Joost Academy, where she teaches Graphic Design and Creative Process.”

Rejane is a powerhouse packed punch of everything I love, Brazil, color, typography, Rio and Milton Glaser. Good stuff. No. Great stuff.

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Mediainvia is the work of Brazilian designer and illustrator Diego Morales who is utilizing some unique color combinations to generate some good looking imagery.

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Brazilian designer João Lavieri is talented and no doubt adept at design and illustration as can be witnessed via his personal website but his real raw talent shines through in his Flickrfolio where you can see some outstanding experimental and often macabre illustrations.

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Brazilian illustrator Matheus Lopes A.K.A. Mathiole has updated with some excellent new imagery in his Flickerfolio including tigers and butterflies. I dare you not to like that.

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Firmorama: Updates

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Brazilian creative studio Firmorama has recently updated their Flickrfolio with some new illustrations offering up some strange arrangements of even stranger elements. I’m not entirely sure what exactly they mean but they are very interesting to look at.

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Douglas Bicicleta: Updates

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Illustrator Douglas Bicicleta has continued updating his Flickr-folio and I am becoming a downright fan of this guy. He is awesome. His work just keeps getting better and more exciting. Definitely keep an eye on him if you are into what he is putting out there.

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