Be Linen

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Benoit spent some time on this one and his dedication shows.

Director _ Benoit Millot _ lepotagerdesign.com
Production_Goodideas – goodideas.fr
Images _ Benoit Millot et Sébastien Jousse
Écriture _ Sébastien Jousse et Benoit Millot
Montage_ Franck Littot
Ingénieurs du son_ Arnaud Devillers _Jérôme Pierrot_Christophe Millet
Charles Ludig_Olivier Millo_ Louis Boulloche
Interprète_Simona Calza
Garphisme After Effect_ Nicolas Lichtlé
Sound Design & mixage_ Pocket Studio
Musique_ Cezame music agency_ cezame-fle.com

Agence _Villadelesia&Co – villadalesiaandco.com
Client_CELC Masters Of Linen – linenandhempcommunity.eu

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A Day in Paris

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A Day in Paris is a short film by Benoît MILLOT that composites some amazing 3D over live action. It’s a fun little film and the amount of work required to create such a seamless effect on behalf of Millot must have been intensely draining. You have to admire his commitment to craft.

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