North Kingdom: Updates

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Web design powerhouse North Kingdom has relaunched with a new site and some new project work. Their conceptual thinking seems to be transitioning nicely over to broadcast advertising and brand campaign development. It’s a testament to the kind of strategical thinking that goes into web design and development.

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Wow, there is a lot of work in the portfolio of Joost Korngold at the new Renascent site. Big update, big site and a lot of good work.

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1st Ave Machine: Relaunch

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Motion-house 1st Avenue Machine has relaunched their site which now features full-browser video (a little bit of a processor cruncher though). Better yet, this full browser video features a beautiful nude (yet strangely nippleless) woman being transformed by laser blasting robot arms into a cyborg. How’s that for ass-kicking awesome?

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Pierre Vanni: Updates

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It appears Pierre Vanni has updated with new projects and what looks to be like a new website. Really interesting projects as always. Highly unusual and contemporary. You can see more of his video work at his Vimeo page as well.

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If you have seen a television commercial that blew your mind at one point or made you stand up and ask, ‘My God, who the hell did that?’

Chances are, you were watching the work produced by one of the heavy hitters at Gorgeous. Some of the best Directors producing for broadcast call Gorgeous home.

All of their work is either hilarious or spectacular. Also, it is probably worth noting before you visit the site, that they also introduce themselves as cuddly little kittens.

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1st Ave Machine

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1st Ave Machine is an NYC based CGI VFX/Animation studio and production company specializing in advertising, music videos, broadcast and feature film. They are known for their hyper-realistic organic animation. The studio was founded by animation and live action director Arvind Palep and executive producer Serge Patzak.

The stills above are from a recent AT&T commercial. The realism of the graphics have to be seen to be believed. They are absolutely stunning. Amazing work.

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