Javier Bernales

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Argentinian designer and typographer Javier Bernales has some excellent experimental typography in his ‘Black Book’ which you can see in his Behance-folio. There is something ironic about posting a printed image of the word ‘click’ as a link.

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PepperMelon: Updates

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Buenos Aires based motion agency PepperMelon has updated with a new reel and new work for twentyten. The best part of their recent site is that they delve deep into the process involved in crafting their animations including some really nice images detailing character development from sketches through completion. It’s a nice thing to browse through and gives some insight into just how much work goes into creating a minute or less of animation.

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Buenos Aires based designer Pablo Alfieri is off and running this year with a new website chock-full of work for some huge name clients. It’s great to see him doing so well and see him move forward so quickly. It looks like 2010 is going to be a big year for him.

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Basilio Silva

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Buenos Aires-based fashion photographer Basilio Silva is responsible for capturing some ultra-hip imagery. Information about him is hard to come by and seems to vary from blog to blog but maybe it doesn’t matter when his body of work speaks so clearly for itself.

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Buenos Aires-based motion graphics and 3D studio PUNGA have generated some vivid and imaginatively rendered animation sequences that move at blazing speed.

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Ganz Toll

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Argentinian designer, director and what-have-you Ganz Toll has a widely varied body of work, some of which is really unusual and interesting.

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