MWM x Attik x Coke x London Olympics

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Matt W. Moore has had what was no doubt the sheer pleasure of producing a massive visual juggernaut of graphics for Attik’s campaign for Coca-Cola during the London 2012 Olympics. It’s no doubt the largest representation of MWM’s signature style and it’s wild to see it in such a wide and sweeping format from everything to coke cans and bottles to uniforms. A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away Matt used to occasionally write for this blog and has since blossomed into a significant talent. It’s wonderful to see him doing such amazing work for such a large campaign. Hats off to you good sir and don’t forget us over here at good ole CTT.

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Binalogue for Coke

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Spanish motion and design agency Binalogue served up some super fun and fresh graphics for Coke to be played at dance clubs and the like.

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Happiness Factory

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Psyop has finished a follow up spot to their ground breaking Happiness Factory commercial from more than a year back. The original spot won almost every industry award imaginable. How they could even attempt to follow such an impactful spot with another that is equal in quality really warrants merit. The new spot is every bit as good as the first and is really incredible when considering how much work must have gone into it’s creation. I can’t think of many other television commercials that have been responsible for creating such a rich 3d environment.

You can watch the new spot here and even download an HD version.

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