PSYOP: Updates

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The almighty deacon of motion design and now live action, PSYOP have updated their site and reel with several new works and of course the imagery is sharp, amazing and beautiful as always. They continue to be a source of inspiration for fledgling shops like ours.

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Hello Lindsey: Updates

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Talented illustrator, designer and designer for motion Lindsey Mayer-Beug has updated with some gorgeous new works. It’s organic, dreamy and etherial and it all looks wonderful.

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PSYOP – Pop Up Book

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PSYOP don’t stop. They are still killing it after all these years with work like this spot for JP Morgan Chase for McGarryBowen. There is some hellaciouslly difficult-to-produce 3D going on in this spot and it all works beautifully.

To see the massive list of involved parties on this spot click here.

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Jon Saunders: Updates

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Jon Suanders updates his portfolio with a couple of new projects that are mind-bendingly beautiful. Really spectacular imagery sincerely, the kind of thing that makes you wonder how the the hell it was produced.

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Jon Saunders

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Wow. Mind-bendingly awesome work, primarily for motion, by the incredibly talented Jon Saunders.

Run down the list, he has created for them all, from PSYOP and Stardust to Shilo.

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PSYOP: Smith and Nephew

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Smith and Nephew
A spot by PSYOP

Directed by Eben Mears and Mate Steinforth
3D by Florian Witzel (Lead), Alvin Bae, Jan Bitzer, Jae Ham, Miguel Salek, Jeff Dates, Rich Magan,
Jacob Slutsky, Jason Vega, Goo-Shun Wang, Lee Wolland, Andreas Gebhardt (R&D)
After Effects by Doug Purver, Jason Conradt, Elliot Blanchard
Produced by Michael Neithardt, Tarun Cahraipotra (assistant) Lucia Grillo (EP)
Designed by Mate Steinforth
Storyboard by Ben Chan
Music by Prison Diet

via Ogilvy, New York with Jonahtan Isaacs (CD), Tracy McFarlane (CD), Lisa Savage (CD), Melanie Baublis (EP), Chris Beeby, Keith Higbee

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Help The Honey Bees

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Help the Honey Bees is a collaborative project on the part of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for Häagen-Daz. Goodby contracted motion experts Psyop to animate a piece they call ‘Opera’, in order to raise awareness of the plight of the honey bee. It’s a wonderful project that encourages participation on actively working to solve the problem of the disappearing bees. A website was created along with the animation above. You can view the full credits on the project here and a higher resolution format of the video above on Psyop’s website. It’s nice to see a company like Häagen-Daz step forward to create a project like this.

Discovered via Computer Love

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Happiness Factory

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Psyop has finished a follow up spot to their ground breaking Happiness Factory commercial from more than a year back. The original spot won almost every industry award imaginable. How they could even attempt to follow such an impactful spot with another that is equal in quality really warrants merit. The new spot is every bit as good as the first and is really incredible when considering how much work must have gone into it’s creation. I can’t think of many other television commercials that have been responsible for creating such a rich 3d environment.

You can watch the new spot here and even download an HD version.

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