Luis Toledo

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Luis Toledo is a Spanish illustrator with a strange layered and heavy style drawing in streams of inspiration from several different cultures. These are digital collages but I don’t think that lessens the time and meticulous attention required to both see through and arrive at something so rich.

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Benjamin Simon

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Benjamin Simon is a young 3D illustrator, motion designer and graphic designer based out of Madrid, Spain. He is working freelance currently and has some very slick work in his portfolio.

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Velckro Artwork

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Velckro Artwork is the adopted name and represents the portfolio of a young designer/illustrator based in Madrid. He’s got some fun stuff in his book including a series of ‘summer’ illustrations that are excellent.

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Pablo Abad: Updates

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Madrid based designer Pablo Abad has updated his portfolio with some colorful, psychedelic native-american influenced motifs which are a lot of fun to look at. He’s developed his own perspective when it comes to typography as well and you can once again see that in his updated works.

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OFFF On Tour Titles

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The OFFF On Tour Madrid 2011 titles have hit the net and they are long, strong and down to get some friction on. There was a large cast of people on this one and it shows through a long and highly developed animation. Credits: Direction & Creation: Cocoe Animation Direction: Rubén García Art Direction: Duprez 3D & Compositing: Antonia Salas Compositing: Microbians, Duprez, Miguel Márquez and Dolores Escamilla VFX: Microbians Additional Animation: Rubén Fernández and Sergiopop Additional 3D: Sergio de la Varga Music & Sound Design: Omar Tenani

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Tatalab is the work of an Art Director and illustrator named Jaime who was born in the Dominican Republic but established himself in Madrid. He’s got some nice work ranging from illustration through motion design in his portfolio.

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Serial Cut: Updates

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Although I think we posted within another post earlier this week that Spanish design studio Serial Cut has updated, it’s worth nothing in it’s own post as there are some excellent new 3D illustrations on display at the Serial Cut website. They have gone full throttle down the 3D illustration path and have continued to produce some striking imagery.

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Emilio Gomariz

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Spanish industrial designer and art director Emilio Gomariz has what could be described as a wildly varied portfolio. His animated gif series entitled Extremity is of particular interest. The images are ‘tridimensional collages’ utilizing 3D models (bodies) which Gomariz found floating around the internet.

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Binalogue for Coke

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Spanish motion and design agency Binalogue served up some super fun and fresh graphics for Coke to be played at dance clubs and the like.

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Andres Medina

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Spanish photographer Andrés Medina sent in his work and he has some beautiful images in his portfolio. Apparently he was a primarily digital man only a couple of years back but then discovered medium format cameras and made the switch to analog and has kept with it ever since with some gorgeous results.

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These Soundsick club flyers designed by the Spanish Art Director/Designer who goes by the name Velckro are just pure pop video game-inspired candy. How can you not love them. For lack of a better way to phrase it, they are simply ‘bad ass’. You can see more of Velckro’s art at both his personal site and in his Behance-folio.

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Vicente Garcia Morillo

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Madrid based graphic designer/illustrator Vicente García Morillo has a very unusual style. It’s a bit retro-inspired but there is something different going on that is definitely unique. It will be interesting to see where his work goes as his portfolio progresses.

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Gary Fernandez

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Madrid based freelance illustrator and graphic artist Gary Fernández uses a muted color palette to create his organic retro/fashion inspired imagery. His work is absolutely striking in a gallery setting as can be seen at his website. Fernández is also the co-founder and of the T-shirt brand Velvet Banana.

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Serial Cut: Updates

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Madrid based Sergio del Puerto, who at the start I believe was on his own has expanded Serial Cut into a larger multi-person studio. They have recently updated their portfolio with new work. Gone are the early touches of 80’s pop influence and now the efforts are more concentrated on typography and 3d. There is some very nice examples of dimensional typography in the recent updates to the body of work.

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Madrid-based graphic designer Espaun256 (Tomás Peña) has some really nice work in his portfolio. Yes, there are some triangles, but damn if they don’t look cool.

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There is some beautiful work in the Flickr-folio of Spanish illustrator/artist Lagolo who seems comfortable seamlessly moving from pen and paper to digital.

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Gabriel Sabando

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Madrid artist/photographer Gabriel Sabando has some really unusual work happening throughout his portfolio. All of which is hard to take your eyes off of.

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Pablo Abad: Updates

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Pablo Abad updates yet again with more exceptional typographical work.

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