Cris Vector: Updates

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Brazilian vector illustrator Cristiano Siqueira has updated just in time for World Cup with some famous football players (Kaka is depicted above). That isn’t the only new thing happening in his portfolio. There is also a lot of new illustration work including some highly developed digital painting work.

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CrisVector: Behance

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I stumbled upon the Behance portfolio of Brazilian illustrator Christiano Siqueira today A.K.A. CrisVector, and was again taken in by some of his work. I have looked at his website before but honestly, I just do not have the patience anymore to sit through waiting for images to load in Flash. It just drives me nuts. I was able to take in more of his work at his Behance page and he really has created some amazing imagery using little more than vector art. I love vector art and have for close to 10 years now so it is hard for me not to be sucked in by accomplished vector artists.

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