Mart Biemans

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Mart Biemans is a 20 year old design student with an already superb and interesting portfolio of vector-styled illustration work. He’s worth keeping an eye on.

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Yury Ustinau: Updates

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Yury Ustinau has again updated with more of the same strange black on black character illustrations that are both disturbing and amusing. I am definitely a fan at this point.

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Rami Niemi

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Rami would actually be a real happy go lucky guy, if he wasn’t so damn strenuous. He’s been perfecting his computer based art for a good 10 years now. Doesn’t it normally take around 10 years to master a craft? Rami isn’t quite there yet, he reckons, but he has learned a thing or two along the way. For example, that less is actually more. And color is good — very good. So come all ye faithful, give him a job or visit him at his modest studio. He will certainly brew you a cup and treat you to a danish — if he doesn’t happen to be in the nearby record shop hunting for some hopelessly knackered Proto-grunge LP.”

He may claim he doesn’t have it dialed yet but his style is pretty slick.

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Blind Salida: Updates

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It’s been a while since we dropped in on Blind Salida but he’s kept busy and recently updated with a fresh cache of richly detailed and colorful vector illustrations.

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Matthew James Taylor

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Brighton-based illustrator Matthew James Taylor has a way with negative space and minimal vector art. The two combine to generate some memorable imagery that although may be designed with simplicity in mind leaves a complex and emotive impression on the viewer.

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Motohiro NEZU

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Motohiro NEZU is an LA based graphic designer and illustrator who is churning out some nice pop art influenced works including some tasty drippy vector portraits of famous basketball players.

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Liam Brazier

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Liam Brazier creates simple vector geometric-styled portraits of pop culture icons like Darth Vader and C3PO. As you could well imagine, they are a lot of fun to look at.

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I stumbled upon the work of London based illustrator Matt Lyon today and was genuinely impressed and inspired by his work. His choice of colors and the simple but extremely effective ways that he organizes vector forms yields some awesome results. I would buy a print of the above work in a heartbeat. Beautiful stuff.

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David Cuesta

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Chicago based illustrator and graphic designer David Cuesta has some super fun vector illustration work in his Behance-folio. The series of images draws influence from street art and cartoons making it impossible not to like.

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Jan Feliks Kallwejt: Updates

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Freelance graphic designer and illustrator Jan Feliks Kallwejt is now currently based in Barcelona and Warsaw. He has just updated with more vector goodness and continues to own his own special space in the world of vector illustration.

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Michal Bialogrzywy

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Polish graphic designer/illustrator Michal Bialogrzywy has a totally insane set of posters up in his Behance-folio that is guaranteed to inspire those leaning toward the vector scale. It would be nice to see these printed and available to purchase as they would make a striking series to hang on a wall.

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Adhemas Batista: Updates

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Brazilian graphic artist Adhemas Batista has been very busy cranking out the bright, colorful and slick vector illustration work that made him known throughout the design world. He has collected his most recent efforts to display in an equally slick new website. He has also launched a blog if you want to keep up with him there.

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Mini Cubby

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There is some good vector fun happening at Mini Cubby.

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Jan Feliks Kallwejt: Updates

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Illustrator Jan Kallwejt has updated yet again with a new website containing imagery from several new and recent projects. It’s once again full of simple, inspiring vectory-goodness.

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Vault 49: Relaunch

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The talented people behind Vault 49 relaunched their website this morning and damn does it look sexy. They have several new projects in their portfolio as well. I love that they don’t wait for client projects to experiment and keep working toward generating new ideas. They continually grow their arsenal of illustration techniques.

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Jared Nickerson

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I have seen Jared Nickerson’s website and posted it to prior versions of the blog, but I stumbled upon his Behance-folio this morning and was really impressed by his bright and animated vector work. Shakin’ Illustrator down.

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Chris Ede: Updates

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Illustrator Chris Ede has updated his site with some new work (and a new site overall).

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Ryan Cox

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Illustrator Ryan Cox works in a very simplified and stylized style that is hard not to like. You want to hug some of his illustrations. He has updated with some massive images of new work.

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