Two Arms Inc: Updates

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Brooklyn-based silkscreen poster and graphic design studio Two Arms Inc, have updated with some excellent posters for some excellent bands like Ra Ra Riot.

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The Silent Giants: Update

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We make it no secret that we absolutely love the posters produces by The Silent Giants and they recently updated their store with a new series for ‘Our Infinite Universe‘. You can buy them individually or as a set for only 100 clams which is an amazing deal for a truly artistic set of prints. We just wish the previews were a hair bigger so we could get a better preview of how beautiful the posters are in the storefront. They are one of the best new shops out there though for what they do and they just keep getting better.

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Poster Roast

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Poster Roast was established by Chris White (3d Glasses), and now assisted by his future wife Alex Curtis (Thr33 Designs) with the intention to help develop and promote Poster Artists within the UK. It is quickly becoming the UK equivalent to the insanely popular American cousin Gigposters.com. There is some really nice work up at PR and it is continuing to grow.

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