The Silent Giants: Update

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We make it no secret that we absolutely love the posters produces by The Silent Giants and they recently updated their store with a new series for ‘Our Infinite Universe‘. You can buy them individually or as a set for only 100 clams which is an amazing deal for a truly artistic set of prints. We just wish the previews were a hair bigger so we could get a better preview of how beautiful the posters are in the storefront. They are one of the best new shops out there though for what they do and they just keep getting better.

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The Silent Giants

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Ed at Ferndale, Michigan-based design and screen printing studio The Silent Giants has been keeping me posted as to their progress and it has been nothing but progress since they started. Every update to their website and portfolio is something amazing and I am just ever-impressed by what they are doing. Some of their recent poster and packaging work is beautiful stuff.

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Zac Gorman

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Illustrator Zac Gorman occasionally partners with the gig poster generating Silent Giants to produce something like the beautiful poster above. Consequently, The Silent Giants also have some new posters up for sale in their storefront.

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The Silent Giants Store

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The Silent Giants were nice enough to get in touch and let me know that they have put some new posters in their online storefront. There work is fantastic. Wow, I am continually amazed by what they are producing. Just beautiful work.

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The Silent Giants

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A friend of mind forwarded a note about The Silent Giants on to me today and I was really amped by their work. They are a small screenprinting and design shop just starting out but their work is just awesome. The best part is that all of their posters and album work are for bands that I absolutely love. Really really great stuff. Do yourself a favor and buy one of their posters to hang on your wall.

Keep your eye on these people.

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