Home Sweet Home

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If you are big into interiors and furniture like I am then you are probably always looking for that next source of inspiration for what to do with your home. The Tumblr blog of Home Sweet Home has plenty of ideas to offer up and caters to much more than the regular modern or mid-century modern appeal. I definitely stumbled upon some spaces that gave me several new ideas.

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Wonderwall is an interior design firm that was founded by Masamichi Katayama in 2000. They are responsible for some of the most drop dead gorgeous interiors you have ever seen. They have also just recently launched a new website that features a what could only be described as a wondrous wall full of wonderful work.

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Mid-Century Modernist

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Mid-Century Modernist is a blog that is about an era of design that is very near and dear to my heart. I am completely obsessed with chairs and am constantly trolling Craigslist to find a deal. Unfortunately, our home itself is not mid-century. It was built in 1940 and is a ‘Cape Cod’ style home. Fortunately, it was previously owned by an interior decorator and was completely remodled in a mid-century style. It’s a big house too, so I have been able to slowly begin filling it with the furniture that I love. The Mid-Century Modernist blog definitely gave me lots of new ideas. More than enough to drive my wife crazy.

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Studio Too Good

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Studio Toogood designs, directs and executes interiors and environments from concept through to creation. Offering event, interior and exhibition design as well as styling and set design for the interior and fashion industries, the Studio’s projects range from the two-dimensional page to the three-dimensional space, and from the real to the conceptual.”

The above image is of the cover for Tom Dixon’s first catalogue. Created in collaboration with photographer Henry Bourne, the theme of the piece was based around the concept of ‘Utility’.

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Jessica Lynn White

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Jessica Lynn White

A very talented and ambitious designer from Baltimore, Jessica Lynn White has a wide variety of experimental work in her portfolio, ranging from interior design to print graphics. Jessica seems to have developed an intriguing style of her own, and has already spent a lot of quality time polishing her skills under the guidance of renowned designer, Jonathan Adler! Working alongside Jessica, I can attest to her abilities and am very excited to see where her inventive personality takes her!


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