Joel Evey: Updates

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Designer Joel Evey has updated again with a few new examples of his minimal and considered work. He is definitely drawing a bridge between art and design.

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Joel Evey

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Joel Evey got in touch to inform me that he has launched a new website and it is full of really great work. He takes a really artistic approach to his layouts and doesn’t shy away from negative space. His new work looks great. Joel currently works for Nixon Watches and they should count themselves lucky to have him.

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The Black Book Of Hate

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Joel Evey let me know that he has put together a new zine titled, ‘The Black Book of Hate‘ that is available now at Tactical Magic. There are some really notable artists and designers involved and it looks like a really interesting project.

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Joel Evey Is Mikronized

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I swear I thought I had written something about Joel Evey AKA Mikronized before. I have seen his work several times lately floating around the internets. So I guess an entry on him is overdue. He has some really interesting work in his book that combines a somewhat minimal approach to type with vividly colored random brush strokes with a little hipster pinache frosting to top off the cake. He kind of orchestrates this minimal order with a bit of random chaos giving all the elements the chance to just be what they are and it works. I like it a lot and it is an interesting mix of old an new. Good stuff.

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