Juul Kraijer

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Dutch artist Juul Kraijer has been exhibiting art since the mid nineties. Over the past 12 years she has devoted herself entirely to drawing having completed a total of 220 drawings.

Here is a quote from the in depth essay at her website:
Unlike those artists who from time to time venture to take a new turning, I seem to be the type of artist who recognizes a small field as his or her domain, to be explored in depth and detail. In the drawings made during those twelve years, the main principles remain the same. Changes do not occur in the form of an abrupt break; instead, they appear as gradual shifts, leaving the core intact, like landscapes at the turn of the season.”

Her work is very simple yet hauntingly contemplative focusing primarily on the face and the human form interacting with nature. She has also taken up sculpture, photography and more recently experimental video but the contemplative tone remains throughout the new mediums.

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