Toko: Updates

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Been a long long long time since I dropped in on the Rotterdam-based design agency Toko and boy am I glad I just did. They have a wealth of new project work on display since my last visit and every bit of it is inspiring to say the least.

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Buro Reng

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Buro Reng is a multi-disciplinary firm based in The Netherlands with a very interesting body of work that include some imagery that is difficult to erase from memory once you’ve seen it. Strange but good.

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Marius Roosendaal

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Wow this is an extremely nice scroll of airtight classic posters from Dutch graphic designer Marius Roosendaal. I was very inspired by some of these.

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Anouk Morgan

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The Hague-based photographer Anouk Morgan has some beautiful imagery in her portfolio. She prefers natural light when capturing her subjects. You can see her work via her website here and more at Bentrovatoblog.

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Attak is a twoheaded graphic design monster formed in 2004 and is based in lovely ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, eversince. We work on all sorts of printed matter like posters, flyers, cd-sleeves, logos, corporate identities, magazines and clothing. We value clients who value our artistic ideals and therefore demand a design that requires the utmost of our artistic abilities.

Amen on the part about the clients. The two heads of the monster are Peter Korsman & Casper Herselman. I had never heard of this agency before but got a little email tip this morning and was super impressed by their body of poster work. There is some great stuff in there, and a lot of it too, if you are in the mood for a little added inspiration today.

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Juul Kraijer

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Dutch artist Juul Kraijer has been exhibiting art since the mid nineties. Over the past 12 years she has devoted herself entirely to drawing having completed a total of 220 drawings.

Here is a quote from the in depth essay at her website:
Unlike those artists who from time to time venture to take a new turning, I seem to be the type of artist who recognizes a small field as his or her domain, to be explored in depth and detail. In the drawings made during those twelve years, the main principles remain the same. Changes do not occur in the form of an abrupt break; instead, they appear as gradual shifts, leaving the core intact, like landscapes at the turn of the season.”

Her work is very simple yet hauntingly contemplative focusing primarily on the face and the human form interacting with nature. She has also taken up sculpture, photography and more recently experimental video but the contemplative tone remains throughout the new mediums.

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Nivard Thoes

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Dutch graphic designer Nivard Thoes graduated in 2006 at the Royal Academy of Art, in the Netherlands, and was nominated for the ArtOlive/Young Talent Award and the Zuid-Hollandse VormgevingsPrijs. Since 2005 he has worked in collaboration with Guangzhou based Wang Xu and Associates Ltd. on a number of projects for high profile clients.

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Almost Modern: Updates

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Almost Modern sent a note that they have updated their website and portfolio with new work. There is some great poster work in their book.

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Form Addict

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Maikel van Berkel is a graphic designer currently based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He has some really nice color use happening in his portfolio. Some beautiful overlays are happening in the piece above.

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Nick Datta is Werkbond, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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Almost Modern

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I would be lying if I said I liked the website for Almost Modern, its not exactly ideal but there is some great typographical posters in their portfolio that still justify a visit and some clickthroughs. The ‘To Be’ poster is a particular favorite. Simple and smart.

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Solar Initiative

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Some really nice work in the portfolio of Solar Initiative. If you are looking specifically for their design work, then click here.

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Some interesting work encompassing a wide array of styles in the portfolio of Erosie. Viva la graphic and artistic experimentation.

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“Born 1986 in Medan (Indonesia), Aras Darmawan is a motion designer currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A sense of obliteration, sophisticated-formlessness, and inoperative imagery could be identified within the style of his works. As the adventurous playground of idea, visual, sound, space, and time excites him more than anything, he constantly expanding his skill set and trying to aim perfection while still maintains realistic orientation.”

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Studio Vruchtvlees

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Studio Vruchtvlees is an ambitious and creative collective, comprising Roman Stikkelorum, Rindor Golverdingen and Michael Danker. Our goal is to work close with the client, have good consultation and come to great results together. We work with great enthusiasm in a wide range of disciplines like: graphic design, web design illustration and photography. But we can also market your product, do branding or organise an event.”

It doesn’t look like they just design, it looks like they know how to party.

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Hypnoteis is the work of 26 year old Teis Albers who works as a freelance graphic and multimedia designer. He works from his home in the Netherlands where he lives with his girlfriend. He loves to make illustrations with bright colors, elements taken from nature, symmetry and flowing lines. He likes things that look fresh and shiny.

His work is a trendy but it is also interesting and I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to execute such complicated collages. He also has a natural eye for color combination.

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