Cut Copy – Need You Now

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Keith Schofield directed Cut Copy’s latest video for the single “Need You Now,” off of their upcoming 2011 LP ‘Zonoscope’ out via Modular Records.

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This viral video was created for the Diesel XXX party. The spot was directed by Keith Schofield and animated by Big Animal. I gotta say I just about fell off of my chair the first time I saw it. The video is of course meant to be ‘viral’, ‘viral’ being one of those words like ‘guerilla’ that if I hear one more time in the context of advertising, I will most surely throw up a little in my mouth.

This one breaks the mold though. The production is quality and so is the animation, not to mention it is one of those ideas that I am sure a lot of people have had but been afraid to present or execute. It is also doing it’s job so-to-speak by ‘virally’ (ugh), by spreading across the internet like a wildfire. It is one more reason why I remain interested in Diesel and would love to one day knock out or I guess in this context ‘pound out’ a little creative for them.

Sorry that was a really bad joke there at the end. Oh well.

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