Mars-1 and Doze Green

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I had no idea the Mars 1 and Doze Green had joined forces but considering this video is 3 months old I obviously missed the boat on this one. I am a huge fan of both artists equally and the thought of them collaborating got me hot and bothered. There is a great little retrospective and insight about the process of combining their talents in the video above.

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Mars-1 – Billy Shire Exhibition

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There is a glimpse of some new work by artist Mars-1 at the Billy Shire Fine Art Gallery website. He remains one of my favorites. Such strikingly beautiful imagery.

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Mars-1: The Nature of Time

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Mars-1 has a new limited giclee print, titled ‘The Nature of Time’ available in his shop. I have heard some people say that the liked it better when he was producing more of his ‘robot’ or character works but I think his new psychedelic landscape work is absolutely amazing. All of the imagery inspires imagination and it is really beautiful and original work. I am continually amazed by what he is capable producing straight from his imagination. Do yourself a favor and purchase one of his prints. Its a worthy investment for a work from such a talented artist and their if you can afford it, there is no better way to support both an artist you love and the proliferation of art.

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