Stash: Best of 2011

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Stash has posted their best videos from 2011 and if you lean more toward the motion, animation, 3d and broadcast side of the creative business, it’s an inspiring list to pick through.

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Doubleday & Cartwright

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Doubleday & Cartwright is a media and design agency with a specialization in sport and culture. Our successes have been various: designing a garment customization space for Nike, turning a baseball legend into a viral and film festival sensation, helping a groundbreaking nutritional juice cleanse grow into a category killer. We participate in the product and content marketplace as both actors and advisors. So we know what it takes to make noise, capture attention, move units, and we offer clients the same excellence that we demand from ourselves on our own time.”

They possess a varied and accomplished portfolio of project work.

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Skyskraper – Digital Media

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Skyskraper is one of those agencies of the future that serves as a bit of a go-between for the creative agency to final placement and execution. I am learning a lot this year, out of necessity with the future of this website about media, media buying and media strategy. Skyskraper is a digital media agency responsible for helping execute on some of those rather intangible projects that we creatives sometimes spew out in concepting sessions but have no idea how to pragmatically realize in the physical world.

One such project they recently helped Flourish Creative complete was a projected 3D advent calendar for Google Chrome displayed on the facade of the Westfield building in London. The image was projected to align perfectly with the tiles in the facade which is not an easy thing to do. The end result was pretty impressive. This kind of partnership and companies like this are definitely something to keep an eye out for in the future of our business. You would think the capability to produce something like this would still fit under the roof of a typical ad agency, but as technology continues to move forward by leaps and bounds every year more and more agencies are turning toward digital media agencies to execute on concepts and strategy.

I am loving the look of Skyskraper’s blog as well. That tightly kerned Helvetica is looking sharp.

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